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Veronica Vasquez wrote on the Chapter: Ventura wall: In addition to being a member of ANSO, I am also the Vice President of National Image, Inc. and I am reaching out to our ANSO membership to share that the National Image, Inc., a non-profit organization who has served the Hispanic Federal and Military workforce for 45 years is once again accepting submission for the Military Meritorious Service Award. In the last few years I have been quite saddened to hear we have only received one nomination per year, unlike the other services that submit on the average 3 to 7 nominations per year. As a civilian who had the pleasure to work with so many wonderful and outstanding Hispanic military personnel I wanted to reach out to the ANSO membership to help get the word out about this award and to ensure more nominations are submitted for consideration. National Image, Inc. is soliciting nominations for the 2017 Military/Uniformed Services & Civilian Meritorious Service Award. The base period of performance shall be the period October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016 or Calendar Year of 2016. The award will be given out at the 2017 National Image Training Program to be held from September 11 – 15, 2017 at the Isleta Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, NM Component Diversity or Service MEO Office should be submitted nomination package directly to by June 30, 2017. For additional information please contact me via email at
Posted 8 hours ago
HENRY A. MARTINEZ II wrote on the Chapter: Ventura wall: Good Morning ANSO San Diego Team, ​ Need your Support! ​ ​Positive movement within the last couple of days about a Friend-raiser being held here in San Diego on behalf of our ANSO National Level leadership. Our National President will be visiting San Diego in February, to attend the event that is scheduled for February 22 from 6 to 8:30 hosted by Mangelsen Art Gallery in LA Jolla. The Friendraiser was the idea of our National Grant writer Miss Laura MacKinnon who has been working tirelessly to help set up ANSO organization up as a whole with funds and creating a standard model for all Chapters to follow. Since Laura has all the details of the event, I would like to invite you all to attend the meet with ANSO San Diego Chapter membership and Miss Laura MacKinnon our ANSO Grant Writer. ​ I would like to call a meeting of our Chapter Chair holders for tomorrow Friday, Jan 20th at 1:00 pm at Wood Ranch Bar B Q and Grill. We will be meeting with Laura to discuss the execution of the Feb Friendraiser. I understand it's short notice if your unable to make it I can phone you into the meeting. ​ 7510 Hazard Center Dr Unit 215 San Diego, CA 92108 United States Please let me or YN1 Berrios know if you will be able to attend. ​ Cristina Berrios​ Posted Thursday, January 19, 2017
HENRY A. MARTINEZ II wrote on the Chapter: Ventura wall: Story Number: NNS160608-06Release Date: 6/8/2016 9:10:00 AM A A A Email this story to a friend Print this story By Ashley Nekoui, Navy Information Dominance Forces Public Affairs SAN DIEGO (NNS) -- The Association of Naval Services Officers (ANSO) hosted a regional symposium for West Coast chapters at the Admiral Kidd Catering and Conference Center in San Diego May 19. The theme of this year's symposium was "Mentoring and Career Management to Grow Our Future Leaders." The event consisted of educational and training development sessions, mentoring opportunities and senior service leadership discussions with representatives from the Coast Guard, Navy and Marine Corps. "I really appreciated that this event was not Navy-centric but provided an opportunity to network with members from all naval services; this environment truly aides in establishing and enhancing relationships," said Lt. Cmdr. Santiago Martinez, executive officer, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station San Diego. "Although this was the first ANSO event that I've attended, I really appreciated learning more about the organization and discovering the resources available to myself, my Sailors and the community as a whole." The day's agenda also included motivational guest speaker Alex Montoya, who shared his personal story of triumph over adversity. Born a triple-amputee, Montoya came to the U.S. from Colombia with the aid of his uncle, a Marine, and support from the Shriners organization. Faced with several challenges including physical disabilities, the move to a new country and a language barrier, he realized early on you have to focus on what you have and not on what you're missing. "Whenever the rest of the world view's something as a challenge, this is an opportunity for you to better your life," Montoya said. Montoya's message seemed to radiate with the audience and resonate among the discussions that day; many of the conversations focused on overcoming obstacles to grow and enhance leadership opportunities on a personal and professional level. ANSO's mission is to assist the Sea Service Chiefs' efforts in Hispanic workforce recruitment and retention by fostering the personal growth and professional development of officers, enlisted personnel and civilians. ANSO's Western Region President Lt. Cmdr. Henry Martinez identifies a specific instance in which the organization's support attributed to success in his career. "When I was a lieutenant the senior officers of my ANSO chapter conducted a review of my record; they identified discrepancies and helped me fix them," said Martinez. "Previous to this review, I wasn't aware of the specific requirements related to our annual fitness reports; I updated my information based off of the suggestions from this group and was selected the following year for lieutenant commander." ANSO celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. Since its inception, ANSO has focused on fostering the recognition and advancement of Hispanic officers in the uniformed naval services. It was formally established in February 1981 to address Hispanic recruiting and retention issues, and to serve as a link between the Hispanic community and the sea services. "First and foremost, we're Americans, but we're still proud of where we came from," said retired Rear Adm. William Rodriguez, ANSO president. "This is a collaborative organization and the only affinity group that represents both officers and enlisted personnel from the sea services. This organization helps to establish a clear path to navigate the mine-field called a career. It's immensely valuable to be part of an organization that is led and comprised of personnel who recognize and understand and have traversed those same paths." For more information, visit,, or For more news from Navy Information Dominance Forces, visit, or
Posted Friday, June 24, 2016
HENRY A. MARTINEZ II wrote on the Chapter: Ventura wall: ANSO FAMILIA Good Morning, I hope you all are doing well? I would like to invite you to our ANSO San Diego Chapter Resume Seminar that I am confident everyone will be interested to attend. Date: 23 JUN 2016 Time: 1400 - 1600 Location: Border X Brewing Web address: Physical Address: 2181 Logan Ave, San Diego, CA 92113 . Phone (619) 501-0503 Guest Speaker: Miss. Angelica Grace Velasquez (Resume Expert and Job Placement Officer) In addition to the 1400 ANSO San Diego Chapter is offering "LAST CHANCE" LDO/CWO Officer Package Review at the same location. I hope that you and your team decide to attend and I am looking forward to seeing you and the Mustangs there. P.S - Please forward to all within your command. Best Regards, VR LCDR Henry A Martinez II RADIOMAN E-1 - LDO 6420 - IP 1820 30 Years of Service.
Posted Tuesday, June 21, 2016
HENRY A. MARTINEZ II wrote on the Chapter: Ventura wall: To All, Yesterday, we conducted an outstanding ... SUPERB .... symposium in San Diego! Bravo Zulu to our Western Region Team! Over 70 very active participants were engaged throughout the day. I was most impressed with the thought-provoking speakers and very stimulating mentoring sessions. Moreover, I was impressed with the balance of our attendees amount our Sea Services! Our ANSO Service Reps did a fantastic job bringing in attendees from each of our respective services - Marines, Coast Guardsmen, and Sailors! Of special interest that truly defined our mission was the presence of a young Hispanic, Eddie, with whom we met the night before at our social event. Eddie was our waiter who was quite attentive to us. We asked him what he wanted to do in life, and he told us that after recently receiving his associates degree, he was enlisting in the Coast Guard! After trying to convince him, with no success I might add, to switch to the Navy, we immediately invited to our symposium! He attended our symposium, and unbeknownst to all, so did his Coast Guard Recruiter! At every break, everyone, and specifically our Coast Guard attendees, surrounded him .... Eddie soaked up everything that we had to offer, including a desire to finish his Baccalaureate degree and pursue a commission in the Coast Guard! He is, in part, what ANSO is all about! He is one of our future leaders in our Sea Services! Furthermore, at every subsequent symposium we have held, I see the "bar of excellence" raised higher by you all. The sky is the limit! Thank you! A few items that I want us to consider and implement: 1) Let's look at extending our symposiums to two days from one day .... if not all of our symposiums, at least the East Coast Symposium, so we take care of ANSO-related issues, as well as any hold overs from the previous day. 2) Better advertise the Social Event the night before. 3) Let's consider incorporating a Youth Day event the day before the symposium ... this could be easily done if we hold our symposium in a Fleet Concentration Area where we can conduct a ship-visit, or other similar type visits. 4) I plan to talk with our Services about raising the individual registration fee to $100 per person from $75 per person. 5) Formalize an after action critique/survey for the symposium attendees to complete BEFORE they leave the symposium at the end of the day. Actions: For LCDR Henry Martinez: Please finalize the registration numbers from yesterday, and draft me an After Action Report (AAR). I intend to send the Service Chiefs a report and an update. Also, we to get out the survey on Survey Monkey, as we discussed. I would like the results incorporated, briefly, in the AAR. I also want to know the final cost breakdown. For our Service Reps: Please continue your dialogue with your Service Counterparts with regards to my aforementioned comments and issues. I don't want them to be surprised. Thank you all again, and Henry, please pass on my personal gratitude to our San Diego Chapter members to worked the symposium yesterday. Btw, our National Vice President is a great speaker, and he has found a possible career as a motivational speaker and a possible comedian! Regards, Will William D Rodriguez, Rear Admiral, USN, Retired El Presidente de ANSO Association of Naval Services Officers Adelante con ANSO
Posted Friday, May 20, 2016
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